Wednesday, October 13, 2010

College, work, church, life...

Ah well, it is the middle of the semester. I figured it was time to update about my life. College is great. I like the atmosphere. My teachers are good too, yes, even my math teacher. I'm actually doing really well in my classes. Ironically, I'm helping the guy that sits behind me in math. He always asks for help. On October 23, I'm going to take the ACT again, but this time with writing. It will be a long day!

I just got a job and I'm excited to start. As of now, I'm waiting to get called about orientation. God has blessed me with a job in this hard time and I look forward to working hard.

I recently started working with the Jr. High kids at church. They are a handfull, but I hope that I can touch their lives in someway this year. I'm also working with Awana again. I have a group to myself. There are seven very energetic kids in my group. Only one of them is in kindergarden. She takes a lot of energy out of me, but she is so sweet. During story time she sits on my lap. She is eager to learn about God.

Hmmm, life, what to say about it? Well, life is busy. I'm finishing my Moody application. I have to revise my last two essays. I'm excited to say that I've been able to hang out with friends a lot and text them like crazy. God has blessed me with new friends as well and I look forward to knowing them.

Prayer requests- For me as I get into God more and for my family--more specifically my dad, who has to have surgery on his neck.

God bless!

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