Wednesday, October 13, 2010

College, work, church, life...

Ah well, it is the middle of the semester. I figured it was time to update about my life. College is great. I like the atmosphere. My teachers are good too, yes, even my math teacher. I'm actually doing really well in my classes. Ironically, I'm helping the guy that sits behind me in math. He always asks for help. On October 23, I'm going to take the ACT again, but this time with writing. It will be a long day!

I just got a job and I'm excited to start. As of now, I'm waiting to get called about orientation. God has blessed me with a job in this hard time and I look forward to working hard.

I recently started working with the Jr. High kids at church. They are a handfull, but I hope that I can touch their lives in someway this year. I'm also working with Awana again. I have a group to myself. There are seven very energetic kids in my group. Only one of them is in kindergarden. She takes a lot of energy out of me, but she is so sweet. During story time she sits on my lap. She is eager to learn about God.

Hmmm, life, what to say about it? Well, life is busy. I'm finishing my Moody application. I have to revise my last two essays. I'm excited to say that I've been able to hang out with friends a lot and text them like crazy. God has blessed me with new friends as well and I look forward to knowing them.

Prayer requests- For me as I get into God more and for my family--more specifically my dad, who has to have surgery on his neck.

God bless!

Monday, August 23, 2010

College and the start of a 'normal' schedule

Today I started C.O.D and was beyond nervous. I'm taking Spanish, Math, and English. It was very different. I think the hardest part besides Math class is getting to the classroom and walking around people as they stop to talk to others or walk slow.

I don't have a job yet. I was waiting to hear back for a Before and After School Aide position, but haven't heard anything. I don't know when I'll start applying to places.

I'm loving working with the Surge kids. They're fun and energetic. I'm looking forward to getting to know them this year.

I'm hoping that as a new part of life starts that I'll be able to stay in God's word and be able to keep some of my fun, not school related, things. I'm hoping that I'll stay on top of homework so when I get a job I don't have to work on school after I get home. That I can relaz instead.

Things to pray for-
Getting used to college
Staying in God's word
Finding a job
Doing my homework
Finding time for fun

Also pray for the programs at church that will be starting and that adults will fill the open positions so the groups can run smoothly.

That's all for now. I'm done my first day at College and all the homework, which wasn't a lot. Now I'm going to spend some time doing fun things and chores.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Those things stuck in my head

GOSH! Where has the summer gone? It feels like yesturday I was stressing over the ACT and now I'm stressing over college starting. This summer has been packed with some pretty amazing things. I've gotten to spend more time with my family than I have in a while because I'm putting aside the computer and making a point to spend more time with them.

This past weekend Mom, Dad, Philip, and I went to the Jonas Brothers concert. This was Philip's first concert. Technically, we're not supposed to go to our first concert till we are 16 or in my case a week from being sixteen, but can I say that I'm happy he came with. He was trying hard not to be excited because he's not much of a fan, but as we got on the road he grew enthusiastic. We ended up getting lost a few time there and back, but the concert was awsome. Demi did a really good job. The congs from Camp Rock 2 were amazing. The boys of course did the best. I sounded like a frog when the concert ended from screaming so much. Philip plugged his ears every time I screamed.

Hm, on a different note, I'm on youth staff now and am looking forward to a new challenge and new friendship. I can't wait for school to start and youth group and AWANA to pick back up. I MISS MY KIDS.

This summer I learned that no one is what they seem and sometimes friends aren't friends at all. They're just people filling a spot in your life for a season. I also learned that God uses temptation to see just how strong your faith is. Can I say that I didn't and still sometimes don't rejoice in the testing of my faith or the temptation thrown in my path like James 1 says. Honestly, I think it still sucks, but I realize that by going through certain things God is showing me just how far I've come with Him.

Till next time...whenever that is.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thinking about the good ol' days

Oh dear, so... I've studied and taken my ACT test and Driving Permit test. Thank God they are over!

I've got to say this past week when I went for my Permit test, I was nervous and kept asking God where He was because I expected Him to come make me feel better. That didn't happen. I was so nervous and sick all through the test, but I passed. Somehow even though I didn't feel good and didn't feel God's presence I knew He was there. Turns out I have some little virus that was making me sick! I was in complete awe at God again. I'm always amazed at Him.

I went through my school book shelf and got rid of almost all of my books. There was one book that I didn't let go. The Taming of the Shrew. I've got some fun memories with that book that involved having a husband. During class we had to read the book and I was Kate. the Shrew, most of the time. My friend played the husband role. We took it to a whole other level! Not only did we act like that in class for the book, but also randomly and outside of class. It was the best. It also got me into a bit of trouble, but that is one of my best memories of school. Ben has been a great friend and I'm sure our friendship will continue even though he's without me!

There is another friend, he's my best guy friend, we did Advanced Writing together. Well, late one Monday night we were quoting Taylor Swift's Love Story. It was around Valentine's Day and out of the blue I asked him to be my Valentine. He agreed. So on Valentine's Day he wrote on my Facebook wall. I never deleted his post. I leave it there and when I have a hard day or need a smile somehow I always see his post and it makes me smile. He's also the first guy my age to say Happy V-day to me. The other boys were my little K-2nd grade Sparkies.

God has blessed me with two great guy friends and one very amazing girlfriend. JJ has been in my life for around four years. We've kept in contact even when she lives on the other side of the US. She is a great encouragement to me and I think of her as my sister.

Without these people, I'm not sure where I would be.

College is coming FAST! Faster than I want! I was so excited, but now I'm not so excited! So much to do. So much to think about and get ready for. Mm Mm Not fun.

I finished Hebrews today. The best chapter is the 'By Faith' chapter also known as Chapter 11. You know how people ask how something could be real if you can't see it, like Santa or the North Pole (Christmas movie reference) well How do people know Jesus is real? People didn't need a bunch of signs and figures they simply trusted and had faith. I also like the passage that talks about how we didn't kill Jesus a million times. He died for us once and took everything. We don't need someone to pay the punishment for us each year or each time we sin.

This school year, I want to live 'By Faith.'

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today was my last class in high school. I've been counting down the days, but didn't really realize what was happening until last night. Lit. class was funny today, but when it came time to log off for the last time, I DIDN'T WANT TO! It was so hard to disconnect. Right after class I took my last test. It is such a bittersweet time. I'm happy and excited to see what happens next in my llife, but also sad to see that school is over. Although, I hated the high school crowd. I loved school, but everything that comes with high school, I'M HAPPY TO GET RID OF!

Looking back over this school year, I've seen God do a lot in my life. It started with simpe Bible devotions everyday and slowly transformed into me growing up quite a bit. I was able to take on the responsibility of an Awana group, see my prayers answered in unimaginable ways, and see how God is present in my life everyday. Going through school was hard. Algebra 2 proved difficult and I was almost positive I was going to fail, but I didn't. Advanced Composition through The Potter School was my hardest class and I remember being so downhearted everyweek about it, but now I see that it has really helped me and I'm thankful for my teacher. Critizism isn't easy to take, but it builds a better person. Liturature Survey was my favorite class. Talking to my friend from last year and making new friends this year. Carrying on conversations like married people with a few guys from the class. Those conversations started when I played Kate, the Shrew, in Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare. It was fun, but I learned how to read between the lines and pull apart pieces of liturature. My teacher was such an encouragement everyweek and honestly, since it wasn't on a Monday, I think that made class even more enjoyable.

What is next for me? Well, this summer I'm pretty free. On June 12 I am taking the ACT for the first time and then later in June I'm taking my Permit test. Other than that my summer is pretty chill. There will be some visiting between my family going on and some small trips here and there. Once fall comes, I'll be attending College of Dupage, our community college. I'm taking general education classes just to get them out of the way before going to a big college. A job is in the future, but not until August at the least. I've decided it is time to go through my room and get rid of old things. There is a lot to go through. Right now though, I'm just going to enjoy my bittersweet day in the hot sun.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

God is wonderful!

After weeks of stress and preperation and prayer--LOTS OF PRAYER-- I can finally breathe for the weekend and enjoy some down time. Today, I went to finish testing at community college.I am beyond happy right now. I am pleased to say I passed the math test--MATH IS NOT MY FRIEND--it was surprising. Now on the second run of tests I passed the reading. God answered many prayers today just by me passing. And to top of my God filled day, I received a 99 for the grammar/writing portion, which is the best score possible. I can say that last night and this morning were the most stressful. All I could do was pray. This morning I was so anxious and was praying so much. Mom called and prayed with me and the relief that flooded off me was so extreme. Just another way that God has shown himself to me.

I find it extremely difficult to focus on school lately. I just want to not have to worry about tests or assignments. GIVE ME THE FREEDOM!

Now to worry abotu the ACT and driving permit test. But that can wait till Monday! My brain is on vacation!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ok, today I got my nose peirced. It hurt! However the young man doing it was a cutie. This week I'm testing at COD again to finish up all the tests. My nose feels so strange! I said goodbye to all my Awana kids this past week and raised my one grade to a 'B'. I graduate in less than a month. I'm so excited. I'm working on getting ready for the ACT.